DIKYSA distribuidora de equipos de laboratorio clínico y reactivos
DIKYSA distribuidora de equipos de laboratorio clínico y reactivosDIKYSA distribuidora de equipos de laboratorio clínico y reactivos

CLINITEK Novus™ Analyzer Siemens


Analizador químico de orina totalmente automatizado

Pruebas analizadas

  • Gravedad específica
  • Sangre
  • Bilirrubina
  • STAT Disponible
  • pH Proteína Glucosa
  • Leucocitos Nitritos Urobilinógeno
  • Creatinina†
  • Albumina†
  • Color y claridad

Descripción del Producto

The latest urine chemistry analyzer from Siemens combines proven dry-pad technology with an easy-to-use cassette test format to help ensure standardized test results and maximum productivity in busy laboratories.

Enhanced productivity

  • Accepts up to 450 test sets and processes up to 240 samples/hour for increased walkaway time
  • Automated entry of lot number and expiration date via RFID tag saves operator time and reduces potential for errors
  • Test cassettes eliminate the need to align the test strips
  • Built-in liquid-level sensing reduces sample preparation time
  • System design allows easier access to replaceable parts to streamline maintenance and cleaning

Enhanced Reliability

  • Card handler provides highly reliable transport of test cards for seamless operation
  • Remote diagnostics available to assist in troubleshooting
  • Onboard barcode reader reduces potential for errors reading sample IDs
  • System identifies tube type and senses if cap has been removed, improving pipette reliability
  • LED light source and digital camera increase optical system longevity and overall uptime

Easy to Use

  • Customer-driven design – color touch screen, tiltable display, customizable menu options
  • Load-and-go test cassettes and test tubes simplify operations
  • Online help and guidance
  • Supports a wide range of testing volumes – load up to 200 samples at once


Trusted Results

  • Clinically relevant sensitivity and specificity for peace of mind
  • Digital camera measures color to improve accuracy of results
  • Standardized output – same proven test pads used in CLINITEK® Analyzer family from the point of care to the central lab
  • CLINITEK brand is the recognized leader in urine chemistry testing
  • Ready-to-use liquid calibration of all analytes provides confidence in results

Broad Menu

  • CLINITEK Novus 10 cassettes for routine urine testing
  • CLINITEK Novus PRO 12 cassettes* for early detection of kidney disease. Provides microalbuminuria testing with albumin-to-creatinine (A:C, ACR) ratio results

Proven performance from the point of care to the central laboratory – CLINITEK® urine analyzers employ the same test pad chemistries so you can be sure of standardized testing in every setting. The CLINITEK brand remains the world leader in reliable urine chemistry testing, providing broad clinical insight into patient health.

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